Message from the Chairperson


Dear Colleagues


There have always been extraordinary schools that accomplish extraordinary things while providing opportunities for the entire diversity of students under their charge. I would like to think of NPSC schools spearheading a change never seen before in India, tying in the greatest values of the western world, with the most incredible ancient traditions of the east.

I feel privileged to have taken over from Mr. Ashok Pandey whose exemplary leadership has helped coalesce the dream of NPSC and has opened up the vision to new avenues. I look forward to further strengthening the vision of NPSC, as handed down by our founders toward tangible results. I am very keen in developing the supportive infrastructure we need to systemically drive the quantum of growth we need to bring about the greatest change in the shortest amount of time.

NPSC schools are good schools that ensure good teaching to flourish, favour competence over procedures, nurture professional development, support curriculum and assessment that are simultaneously relevant and challenging, and be change makers so as to ensure learning, and that it is a direct outcome of reform.

To me, a school is clearly more than children in, profits out.

To my mind, the true meaning of education is providing a support system to young minds in actualising their greatest potential. Our responsibility of schools is preparing young minds for fearless innovation: so they may have the tools to redesign a company, an industry, a process, a country, the earth, and our futures. So they may come out of our schools with a vision, -and a plan- for the greater common good.

Progressive inherently means supportive. We need to get ourselves out of the way of their thinking. To enable, not determine. To support, not decide for them.

Another intrinsic quality of progressive is upholding the greatest values of democracy and freedom. To expand our goals from parochial individual benefits, to include the margins of the mainstream based on the simple human emotion of empathy, the primary mark of civilization.


To that end, we would like to focus the next two years on:

  • Consolidating all the tremendous work done by our founders and predecessors
  • Chalking out a path for the future of NPSC and the cause of education
  • Ensuring continuity
  • Chartering new paths and setting higher standards in education across the country and globally through research, professional training and excellence in our schools and
  • Developing a support structure for schools and its leaders in meeting their consolidated needs

The new team’s focus should be on: excellence wherein we strive to achieve extraordinary quality. It is also probably a time to revisit whether we are truly progressive, create a vibrant community of schools for our nation and demanding world where NPSC can collectively change, improve and contribute in a positive manner to the fabric of school education and become trailblazers in school education instead of succumbing to pressures detrimental to the cause of school education and children in a vitiated environment that exists today.

These are just ideas to name a few which we could begin with and sow the seeds of so that in the next decade for the successors to build on and add to. I am sure when the entire team is together they will build on these and carry forward the purpose, vision and mission of NPSC in a more meaningful way. I seek your cooperation.

To my mind, the only way forward  is to make our presence felt through positive change and constructive contribution to the cause of education. We need to stand tall, head and shoulders above in providing education that the nation can look up to, and depend on. 

And I am certain, together we can.


Sadhana Bhalla