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Fresh order from the Honíble High Court concerning nursery admission Dated: 12-03-2014 (WP-C-1225-2014). To know more Click here

Schools shall keep vacant the quota of the Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995 till the outcome of the decision of this case Click here

High Court of Delhi Order Date: 26/2/2014 ref: W.P.(C) 1225/2014 Click here

Letters concerning the issue of draw of lots for your perusal Click here

High Court Order of 26/2/2014
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Resolution drafted and sent to DOE at the emergent meeting of the NPSC Executive Click here


CBSE Circular on Rescheduling Commencement of new academic session for classes IX to XII Click here


CBSE Circular on Amendment/Addition in Affliation Bye- Laws of the Board Click here


Updates on admission criteria 2014-15 by Govt. Of NCTD Directorate of Education.
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Minutes of the executive committee meeting and general body meeting held on 29th January, 2014 at Manav Sthali School is uploaded. Click here


High Court Judgment, Date of Decision: 20th January, 2014.
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The next date of hearing for private unaided schools for pre-school admission has been preponed to 25th February, 2014 in the High Court.
Mr. Neeraj Kaul will be arguing for our case.


The scores for the PSA (regular and improvement) will be sent by the CBSE by 3rd week of February 2014 in order to assist us to upload the results by the 15th March 2014.


Information on upper age limit for Nursery.
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Proposed amendment of Aims & Objectives and Rules & Regulations of the NPSC for consideration / suggestions by members

Election Process - Click here

Rules and Regulations - Click here



In the month of February CBSE will be send OTBA questions to schools independently. These questions have been designed by teachers during the workshops conducted by the NPSC and modified by the CBSE. Students should be encouraged to download the reading material for OTBA and carry it to school for the test.


A Film by NPSC on Effective School Management and Leadership Programme for CBSE Principals, Click here


Dear Friends,
As discussed in the last meeting I'm uploading the video and presentation of the POCSO Act.
Warm Regards
Ameeta Mulla Wattal

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To know about POCSO ACT Click here


Rules & Regulations



Dear Friends,

 Thank you very much for your supportive presence on the Meeting held on 30th October 2013.
 It was heartening to see such a large  gathering  inspite of the Diwali traffic jams. Some very important decisions were taken concerning our future endeavors.  I would also request you to kindly send the sub – themes / themes that you feel are important  for the Annual Conference 2014. I need all your inputs for strengthening the work of the sub-committees formed as below :



  A)  Sub Committee for relooking at Rules& Regulations, MOU  and membership norms of  the NPSC.


The members are :


1)       Mr. L.V. Sehgal


Bal Bharti Public School

Ganga Ram Hospital Marg

2)       Mr. M.L. Babbar

Life Member



3)       Mr. S.L. Jain


Mahavir Senior Model School


4)       Mrs. Usha Ram


Laxman Public School


5)       Ms. Suman Nath


Tagore International School

East of Kailash


6)       Ms. Annie Koshi


St. Mary’s School

Safdurjung Enclave


       B)   Sub Committee for redesigning  the NPSC website in terms of  the following:

  •         Layout of the website
  •          Updation of  the existing links on the homepage
  •          E- newsletter and hardcopy
  •          Creating a portal for the innovative/ best practices of schools




The members are :


1)       Mr. Ashok Kr. Pandey


Ahlcon International School

Mayur Vihar


2)        Ms. Meenu Goswami


Bal Bharti Public School



3)       Ms. Lata Vaidyanathan


Modern School

Barakhamba Road


4)       Ms. Ameeta Mulla Wattal

Chairperson NPSC


Springdales School

Pusa Road



·         Both the sub committees are time bound. All members are requested to send their views by email.

·         You can   also email   high resolution images and videos of your school activities, programmes, students and teachers with the content  of the innovative practices, other than Annual Day, Sports Day , Book Week which are common to all.

·         A booklet with norms,  rules and regulations will be released at the Annual Conference.

·         The newsletter of the NPSC will also be relased in the same conference.


Looking forward to the details on email – ameetam@gmail.com

 Ameeta Mulla Wattal






Any recognized school in India (Day, Day boarding , boarding , co-educational) may become a member of the Society , provided it applies to the Hon.Secretary and is found, after enquiry, to satisfy the following conditions:-

1.     The school has an effective Governing body, registered under the Societies Registration Act or functioning under Govt., which is the final authority in matters relating to the administration of the school and the meeting of which Principal/Headmaster has the right to attend.

2.     The school is financially sound.

3.     The school funds are duly audited by a competent authority and used only for the development and welfare of the school.

4.     The school provides adequate salaries as approved by the Society or the respective Statement authorities of the school.

5.     The school is housed in an adequate building or buildings , possesses proper equipment and provides facilities for co-curricular activities. If the school is temporarily housed in a rented building, no body on the Managing Committee of the school or his/her relation should be beneficiary on account of the rent paid by the school.

6.     The school provides course of study upto senior school certificate examination or its equivalent or a course of 12 years of school education.

7.     The school gives adequate attention to and provides equipment for games and co-curricular activities.

8.     The school provides facilities for experimentation and vocation in various fields of education. 


Associates Members


Such schools as are unable to comply with the conditions laid down for full membership , but which .In the opinion of the Society , will be able to fulfill them within a reasonable period may be elected as Associated Members for that period, at the discretion of the Society. The period of the Associated Membership may be extended if the visiting team of the Society recommends such extension.





The Society may at its discretion invite as observers the following types of persons to attend its meetings:-

1.     The Heads of such schools as have applied for membership.

2.     Individuals who can contribute to the discussion of items on the agenda or on subjects of general interest though they need not necessarily be associated with any particular school or organization.


Procedure for Enrolment for Membership


1.     The Head of school will apply to the Honorary Secretary on the prescribed form obtainable from the office of the Society .

2.     The Secretary shall in consultation with the Chairman, arrange for a visit to the applicant’s school.

3.     Report of the Committee visiting the school will be submitted to the Executive Committee, which would place it before the Society. The Society, if satisfied as to suitability of the school for membership or give this school sometimes to remove disabilities, if any that may prevent it’s being admitted to membership.


Contribution and Obligations (i.e Sources of Income)


1.     Every member of the Society shall pay an entrance fee of Rs.300.00 and an annual subscription of Rs.500.00 (subject to amendment).

2.     The first annual subscription will be payable within one month of the receipt for notice of membership. Every annual subscription shall be payable on or before 31 March each year

Prior to the payment of the first annual subscription, no member will be entitled to representation on the Society.

3.     Any member , whose subscription remain unpaid for one year after receipt of notice of membership or whose annual subscription in subsequent years remains unpaid for six months, may be disqualified from membership.

4.     Every member school may be called upon to submit detailed information about its organization and working as required from time to time by the Society and to provide facilities of the officials of the Society for visiting their schools, if and when necessary.




The membership of a member school which violates the conditions of membership laid down in Rule 1 may be withdrawn by the Society provided that, prior to doing so, the school concerned shall be given reasonable length of time to remove the disability for which its membership is being withdrawn.





The Society shall have the power to re–admit any ex-member school who has ceased to be a member under Rule No. 6.



The Society shall consist of Heads of all member schools and Associate Members. The Associate Members, however, will not have the right to vote nor attend business meetings unless specially invited.





1.     The Society will elect a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, an Hon-Secretary, Joint Secretary cum-Treasurer and nine members of the Executive Committee.

2.     The business of the Society shall be conducted by an Executive Committee consisting of (a) Chairman, (b) Vice-Chairman, (c) Secretary, (d) Joint Secretary, (e) Nine elected members from the head of the member schools and (f) outgoing Chairman .The Society may also co-opt upto two members and appoint full time paid Assistant Secretary who shall assist the Hon. Secretary and the Chairman in their day to day work. The services of an Assistant Secretary may be available to the member schools on request.


1.     The Chairman shall hold office for a term of 2 years at a time.

2.     In the absence of Chairman at any meeting, The Vice-Chairman shall preside. If the Vice-Chairman is also absent, members shall elect some one from among themselves to preside.

3.     The Chairman shall direct all transaction of the Society and shall preside at all meetings of the Society and of Executive Committee.

4.     The Chairman shall be an ex-officio member of all Committees and in consultation with the Executive Committee; he will have the right to nominate a member of the Society to represent the Society at any board of Committee appointed by the Govt. of India or any other organization.

5.     The Chairman, in consultation with members of the Executive Committee will have the right to appoint a team of educationists/school administrators to visit member school.

6.     The Chairman, in the event of sudden vacancy caused due to the death or resignation of the Honorary Secretary, will direct the Joint Secretary, to take the charge of the office, property, assets, obligations of the Society.

Vice Chairman

The Vice-Chairman shall preside over the meetings in the absence of the Chairman and shall perform all such duties as may be assigned to him by the Chairman. He will hold office for two years and will be eligible for re-election after some gap of time after finishing his tenure of office.


The Honorary Secretary will: -

1.     hold office for a period of two years.

2.     will be incharge of office establishment and not as custodian of all records and property of the Society.

3.     represent the Society in all legal matters.

4.     convene meetings of the Society and of the Executive Committee whenever necessary with the previous approval of the Chairman.

5.     bring to the notice of the Executive Committee and the Society all cases of members not fulfilling the conditions and take such action against them as is advised by the Executive Committee or the Society.

6.     record the minutes of the various meetings and the Executive Committee .

7.     keep a roll of all members, associate members and observers and collect returns from the member schools and publish them periodically as and when required by the Society.

8.     perform such other duties as may be necessary for the proper and efficient working of the Society.

Joint Secretary

The Joint Secretary will:-

1.     hold office for a term of two years.

2.     be the Treasurer of the Society.

3.     collect all money and dues payable to the Society, report on all financial matters, prepare annual statement of accounts and place it before the annual meeting.

4.     prepare tentative budget proposals and submit them at the annual meeting of the Society for the approval of the members.

5.     perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the Chairman and the Secretary.


Executive Committee (i.e Governing Body)


1.     The members of the Executive Committee will be elected from amongst the members of the Society.

2.     The members of the Executive Committee shall hold office for a period of two years. They will be eligible for re-election but can hold office in continuation for a maximum period of four years.

3.     All the affairs of the Society shall be conducted by the Executive Committee and it shall be its duty to see that the general provisions of the constitution and regulations and bye laws of the Society are complied with by all its members.

4.     It shall have general charge of the funds of the Society. It shall sanction and control expenditure where necessary and shall generally supervise the finance of the Society.

5.     The Executive Committee will meet as and when required by the Chairman in order to dispose of business of the Society.

6.     It will have powers to arrive at decisions on routine matters by circulation of letters among the members of the Executive Committee, after the approval of the Chairman has been obtained for doing so.

7.     the time and place for each meeting shall be fixed by the Hony. Secretary in consultation with the Chairman.

8.     The Executive Committee meetings could also be convened by the Hony. Secretary within one month of the receipt of requisition for such a meeting from at least one fourth of the total membership.

9.     The Executive Committee will have the power to fill in casual vacancies of its office bearers whenever these vacancies arise.

10.   The office of the Executive Committee and the Society will be located at the school of which the Hony. Secretary is the Head.


Powers and Duties of the Society


The Society shall have the following powers-

1.     To hold periodical meetings to attain its objective as stated in rule no.3 of the Memorandum.

2.     To elect every two years an Executive Committee and such other Committee and delegates as it may think necessary for the fulfillment of the aims and objects.

3.     To maintain and publish all regulations and by the laws in connection therewith.

4.     To consider and deal with all applications for membership.

5.     To delegate any of its power to its appointed sub-committees.

6.     To enlist by co-option for any special purpose the service of any person who is not an office bearer or the representative of a member school.

7.     To elect members, associate members and invite observers.

8.     To appoint auditors.

9.     To alter, abridge or extend the objects set out in the Memorandum of Association to amalgamate with any other Society, subject to the provisions of Societies Regulation Act, 1860.

10.   To alter, abridge or extend the rules and regulations of the Society.


Meeting of the Society


1.     Meetings of the Society will be held at least once a year at such time and place as may be decided by the Chairman, but normally they shall be held at one of the member schools.

2.     An extraordinary meeting will be convened by the Hony. .Secretary in consultation with the Chairman whenever thought fit or when the Executive Committee makes such a demand.

3.     At least ten days’ notice shall be given to the members for attending such meetings.




The quorum for a meeting of the Society will be one-fourth of its total membership. The quorum for a meeting of the Executive Committee will be four persons.



Financial year & Accounts


The Society shall maintain accounts and books for the purpose of recording transactions by it and close them every year on 31st March by the 31st July.



Audit of Accounts


The audit of accounts of the Society shall be conducted by a Chartered Accountant appointed by the Society.



Operation of the Bank Account


The Society shall open a bank account with any nationalized /scheduled bank which shall be operated jointly by the Secretary or Chairman and Treasurer.





1.     No business, other than formal adjournment, will be transacted at any meeting unless the quorum is complete. No quorum will be necessary for adjourned meeting.

2.     In the case of equality of votes the Chairmen shall have a casting vote.


The income and the property of the Society shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the Society and no portion shall be paid directly or indirectly or transferred by the way of dividends or bonus to its members, provided that nothing herein shall prevents the payment in good faith under contract to any officer or other person who is the member of Society for any service actually rendered or goods supplied.



If upon winding up or dissolution of the Society there remains after satisfaction of all its liabilities , any property or assets whatsoever the same shall be given to some other organization having similar objects , to be determined by the vote of not less than three fifths of the members personally present or by proxy at the time of the meeting.



The Society may sue or be sued in the name of the Chairman and/or the Secretary of the Society.



Amendment of Purposes


Whenever it shall appear to the Executive Committee of the Society that it is advisable to alter, extend or abridge its purposes for other purposes within the meaning of the Societies Registration Act or to amalgamate the Society either wholly or partially with any other Society, the Executive Committee shall submit the proposition to the members of the Society in a written report and shall convene a special meeting for the consideration there of according to the regulations of the Society But no such proposition shall be carried into affect unless report has been delivered or sent by post to every member of the Society 10 days previous to the special meeting convened by the Executive Committee for the consideration thereof ,nor unless such proposition shall have been agreed to by the vote of the 3/5 of the members delivered in person or by proxy and confirmed by the vote of 3/5 of the members present at a second special meeting convened by the Executive Committee at an interval of one month after the first meeting.



Provision for Dissolution of Society and Adjustment of affairs


1.     The Society shall not be dissolved unless three fifths of members shall have expressed a wish for such dissolution by their votes delivered in person, or by proxy, at a general meeting convened for the purpose.

2.     The disposal and settlement of the property of the Society, its claims and liabilities shall be made according to the rules of the said Society or as the Executive shall find expedient, provided that in the event of any dispute arising among the said Executive Members or the Members of the said Society, the adjustment of its affairs shall be referred to the Principal court of original civil jurisdiction of the district in which the Chief Building of the Society is situated and the court shall make such orders in the matter as it shall deem proper.


Once in every year list of the officer-bears and members of the Society as required under section 4 of the Societies Registration Act, 1860 shall be sent to Registrar of societies.



Legal Proceedings (Section 6 of the Act)


The Society may be sued in the name of President\Secretary as per provision laid down under section 6 of the Societies Registration Act ,1860 as applicable to Union Territory of Delhi.



Amendment/alteration, extension or abridgements of ‘purposes’ aims and objection or change of name, section 12 and 12A of the Societies Registration Act. The amendment shall be made under this section. 



Application of the Act


All the provisions under all the sections of the Societies Registration Act, 1860 as applicable to the U.T. of Delhi shall apply to this Society.



Essential Certificate


“Certified that this is the correct copy of the rules and regulations of the Society’’