A Teacher Today

  • Mrs. Ameeta Mulla Wattal
  • Educational
  • September 11, 2018
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‘A Teacher Today’

We have come a long way from the gurukul system of education which required students to imbibe everything form one particular person. The guruhad maximum influence on the growing up period of the child and the guru-shisha relationship bordered on the sacred.

Today there is a paradigm shift, specially in the role of the educator. From being a person who was celebrated in the past for their influence and impact on the academic, social and emotional wellbeing of children, in...

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India as a country boasts of 1.5 million schools. Comparisons always revolve around good schools and not so good ones. The diversity of schools is unimaginable. There are schools without even the basic facilities essential for learning and yet there are schools that can match the best in the world. The school fees in the private sector also vary from a few hundred rupees per month to several thousand. There are schools with great infrastructure, great teachers, great work. Yet there are schools with no teachers and no teaching. On top ...

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1. When does stress become a problem?

Stress is not a problem, getting stressed is. If one is overpowered by the stress and one’s concentration and efficiency suffers, the problem has set in. Severe stress causes several mental/physical ailments.

2. Discuss why some stress is considered to be good stress?

There are several motivating factors that help people take action. One needs both internal and ex...

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