Changing teacher's status

  • Mrs. Suparna Mishra Joshi
  • Academics
  • September 11, 2018
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 Changing teacher’s status

The pious guru shishya parampara which has been the core of Indian education scene is facing a plethora of challenges in these times of flux and chaos. The Trust has been replaced by scepticism on both sides. This new age relation is not defined by ancient criteria of obedience and acceptance. We are living in the world where all knowledge is available to students in a click. Does this makes a role of teacher redundant in the classroom? Absolutely not. From the hub of knowledge it shifted to being a mentor and a guide but the commercial world of today has reduced it to mere service provider. In this business model of education the respected which was attached to the role of teacher has diminished to a vast extent. The present student teacher relationship requires both parties to meet halfway. The onus of complete development of an individual has fallen completely on the shoulders of the teachers. The atmosphere of mistrust created has led to confusion in this relation and students as well as teachers are in state of to be or not to be. The incidents occurred in near past have made teachers feel helpless. Should we check the child and point out mistakes or let them continue making them, because we don’t know when a parent would come rushing, holding teacher liable for things not done by them. Teacher and the school system has become a soft target and the television channels add fuel to the fire, leaving no stones unturned to spice up the news channel with such incidents. Students and system of education are standing on two opposite sides a blame game has started between the institutions and the home. Teachers are held responsible for the things which are far beyond their control. What about the safety of teachers? A teacher receives a sexually harassing mail from the student, a teachers gets beaten by student for stopping him from cheating, and new age trolling, memes and confession pages. Where are we heading with this? The role of families cannot be overlooked in the overall development of the child. The responsibility of bringing up a kid with proper values also lies with the family. We cannot succeed in our goal of educating young minds and making them independent individuals ready to take challenges of life if both parents and institute don’t stop throwing responsibility on the shoulders of each other and collaborate towards a combined goal.


Mrs. Suparna Mishra Joshi

Teacher of English

Mira Model school

B Block, Janakpuri, New Delhi

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