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  • September 11, 2018
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The first day a child enters an elementary school is a day that brings excitement as well as fear. It is with a very tough resolve the a parent lets go of a child's hand and lets her walk into the portals of a new world. The child is afraid to let go , yet is excited to begin a new journey.

This journey begins with a new friend, companion and guide, the teacher. It is the positive vibe that this interaction will bring to the child's life, that will help the development of this child into a learner who is confident of her ability and has social and interpersonal skills .This ability and skill shall translate into success and well being in the years to come.

The foundation of the relationship between the teacher and the taught is trust. The trust is inculcated in the child by parent and the community, and is nurtured through positive interaction.

The school is a microcosm of the world ,where the learner learns to grow into a well developed individual, and also a citizen of this world, that she shall inherit someday.

The possibilities are immense. However the path to the possibilities begins with a culture of positive action and a climate of trust .It is time that this bond of trust between the teacher and the taught is renewed . This renewal will bring hope for the community , society and the nation .

For this hope, we must begin with trust.



Mrs. Meeta Khanna

Head of the Department ( English)

Senior Supervisor

Mira Model School ,

Janakpuri, New Delhi

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