The parent as a teacher

  • Mrs. Meeta Khanna
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  • September 11, 2018
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The teacher and the taught

The parent as a teacher 


The parent is the first teacher of the child. The child learns all about the world and all that she should assign value to. 

The child learns how to communicate and who to communicate with. The child learns how to count and what counts in life. The child learns attitudes and values. 

The parent and the teacher are the stakeholders in the shared future of the child-learner. If the parent and the teacher learn to be team players and ensure that they develop a relationship of support and trust. The parent must acknowledge that there might be moments that the teacher is the one and only sane adult in the confusion led World of their child, and having that one sane adult would impact the child in a positive manner. 


The parent must teach the child to build a relationship of value with the teacher because only that would add value to the life of the child. 


The larger community must take a decisive stand for the teacher and the school in order to bring in a climate of goodwill based on faith and trust. 

This is the only solution to stop a headlong downward spiral towards widespread anarchy and violence. 


This is a simple process that would bring the child at the centre of all teaching and learning practices. This is the need of the hour. Let the process begin with the parent taking the first step to repose and proclaim trust in the teacher and the school. 



Mrs. Meeta Khanna

Head of the Department ( English)

Senior Supervisor

Mira Model School ,

Janakpuri, New Delhi

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