Message from the Chairperson


The illustrious history and the rich legacy of the NPSC was institutionalized by our seniors and mentors who were some of the greatest visionaries in the field of education of our country. Their passion and commitment to this organization is unique and difficult to emulate.

      I feel honoured to have taken over this onerous responsibility from Mrs Sadhana Bhalla whose leadership set the tone for the NPSC to be a vibrant and culturally enriched institution. While taking forward the wonderful initiatives taken by Mrs Sadhana Bhalla, we hope to add and build on them.

     Our member schools have carved a niche for themselves in setting standards of excellence in the field of education through their innovative practices. It would be our earnest endeavour to facilitate the continuous acquisition of new knowledge and technology for all our member schools as an investment for the future.

     The quote  “We did not come to fear the future , we came here to shape it” by Mr Barack Obama, former President of United States of America,  is indeed an inspiration to all of us .

     We need to reflect and think of ways for the NPSC to revitalize the school education system so that it is ready for the needs of students well into the future. I look forward to strengthening the collaborative practices among the schools, with a view to promote the successful and invigorating synergy.

The new team would focus on:-

  • Consolidating the achievements of our seniors and mentors.
  • Organizing outreach programs for Skilling and protection of Environment - NPSC in the service of community,
  • Leveraging the repository of knowledge and wisdom that exists within the NPSC for mentorship and training programs for legal and financial literacy.
  • Organize lateral exchange programs for teachers of member schools for equitable achievement through experiential learning.
  • Work closely with policy makers to further the vision of the NPSC.

    I am sanguine that our team will carry forward the wonderful work initiated by our predecessors and also achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves for the future with the encouragement and cooperation of all members.

Malini Narayanan